Benchmark Jacket Offshore - Comparison FRyDoM / DeeplinesWind

This benchmark is dedicated to the validation of the assembly of morison elements into an offshore jacket structure. Comparison with the restuls from DeeplinesWind [DLW2013] have been made.

The following figure shows a 3D representation of the jacket structure in FRyDoM.

3D Jacket structure

Fig. 55 Representation of the Offshore Jacket Structure.

The water depth is equal to 45m. The offshore jacket structure is 60m height and 15 m large at its base. The diameter of the legs of the structure are 0.12m and the diameters of the diagonal braces are 0.06m. For all elements, the drag coefficient cd = 1. and the inertia coefficient cm = 2.

Fixed structure

The offshore jacket structure is fixed, mounted on the bottom. A regular wave with amplitude 0.1 m and 8s period is considered.

The following figure shows the time serie of the global hydrodynamic force on the jacket structure. Results are compared with the results from DeeplinesWind.

Fixed Jacket Hydro force

Fig. 56 Time series of the global hydrodynamic force on the fixed offshore jacket structure fixe to the bottom. Comparison between FRyDoM results (green line) and DeeplinesWind (blue lines).


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